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Dear friends,

We invite you to visit and experience our mountain, in our distinctive way. Mountain House "Rajska Vrata" is located at 1700 meters altitude in the most beautiful part of Jahorina, Rajska Dolina(Paradise Valley). Away from bad influences of civilization, surrounded by peace and serenity, mountain landscapes dotted with colorful flowers and plants (many of them medicinal), and with conifers forest.

Find your own place in the house, which is also a part of the whole, built from natural materials (stone and wood). We have prepared a five-week program, hoping that some of them will meet your needs and tastes.

You can extend your stay if you want, for seven, ten or more days.
Why not change the established habits and go to the mountain in summer? Discover the traces of the former self-induced flush of the rising sun, hear the silence, screams of hawks while cruising the boundless spaces, trees and grass that dies beneath your feet ...

Besides enjoying the charms of nature, we offer programs that are sure to recover, if impaired, or maintain your health, vitality and spirit.

Jahorina water, we use at Rajska Vrata is of exceptional quality. Analyses show that in one cubic centimeter of water, out of hundreds of bacteria allowed, it contains 1 - 2, and in most cases none. So we can say that we drink water of high quality that perfectly fits into all of our programs.

Price of the program  depend on number of participants.
All other services are paid separately.

Rajska vrata - Jahorina: +387 57 272 020, E-Mail: rajskavrata.jahorina@gmail.com, Web: www.jahorina-rajskavrata.com

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Rajska vrata
Olimpijska 41, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tel: +387 57 272 020
Fax +387 57 272 021


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