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Jahorina belongs to the municipality and part of the territory of the Pale and to the part of Trnovo. It is located 25 kilometers from Sarajevo. The highest peak is Ogorjelica, with 1916 m above sea level. Jahorina belongs to the Dinara mountain range. In summer it is covered with green grass, in winter and up to 3 m high with snow. Excellent terrain, plenty of good quality snow, suitable climate, trails for alpine skiing and gentle slopes (Paradise Valley) Jahorina clients are among the finest and most famous ski centers.

Guests are exposed to use over 20 miles of trails for alpine skiing, associated with the five modern lifts and three ski lifts, total capacity of about 15 000 skiers per hour.

Close to the ski trails visitors can enjoy sunbathing with grill houses where meals will be served from the grill, hot and cold beverages. Hosts on Jahorina try to make your holiday as interesting as possible. Thus, the standard facilities where guests can enjoy are: the night skiing, winter offers many attractive venues and recently on this mountain competition in snowboarding is held.
The average number of days with snow cover is 175 days. Ten-year average height of cover in February is 106 cm, and winter travel season, depending on snow conditions, starts at 15th of December and lasts until 15 of April. Jahorina is located on the border of mixed Mediterranean and continental air flow, and has a climate very suitable for the human body.

Geographic location, beautiful ski slopes, abundant snow and excellent climate makes Jahorina ski perpetual challenge. Long before the Winter Olympics and the present day, the ski fields were visited by Sarajevo people and their guests. 1923 rd year the first hotel on Jahorina was built. Today the building is called Hotel Šator, the same year when the first pair of skis was brought to Jahorina. Jahorina has been visited even earlier, during the Austrian-Hungarian rule. This is the one of the most beautiful mountains in this part of Europe truly flourished after in 1984, and on its gentle slopes occurred most famous names of skiing of the world compreting people for Olympic medals. From that moment Jahorina has strongly gone forward, whereas modernized old and new built hotel facilities, groomed ski fields and a smile on the face of the host made a winter center that does not lose luster.

Staying in Jahorina is interesting at any time of year, especially in winter due to extraordinary conditions. Trails Jahorina for all Olympic disciplines enabled, as it is known, of the Winter Olympics and other international ski competitions, this mountain offers winter sports enthusiasts. Vast pastures covered with snow are excellent facilities for skiing and sledding, while the Jahorina mountain range at 1,600 meters is extremely attractive for all visitors.

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