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Mountain House "Rajska Vrata" was produced as a result the idea of the existence of a place in Jahorina, which will bring together lovers of the mountain, in comfortable surroundings and with excellent food and drink, hang out.

From the very beginning, 1998.g, until now countless examples of this and confirm. There were renewed old acquaintances and acquired new. Perhaps the name "Rajska Vrata", which is not given by chance, seems to feel that somehow different, more beautiful. At this point, until the 70-s of last century, was way out of the dense forests of conifers in cystic Paradise Valley. So they called him then, and remained to be remembered.

For many skiers frozen the fire in the hearth was our salvation. For those who find pleasure in the "active" holidays, the terrace is the place where the sun shines from the first rays of sunrise to sunset on the last. In front of a view that stretches from the place, certainly, will not remain indifferent. All you visit us is a sign that we are on track in its efforts to satisfy your wishes.
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Rajska vrata
Olimpijska 41, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tel: +387 57 272 020
Fax +387 57 272 021


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