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Welcome to Jahorina
We invite you to visit and experience our mountain, in our distinctive way. Mountain House "Rajska Vrata" is located at 1700 meters altitude in the most beautiful part of Jahorina, Rajska Dolina(Paradise Valley)



Programs and activities
Why not change the established habits and go to the mountain in summer? Discover the traces of the former self-induced flush of the rising sun, hear the silence, screams of hawks...



Feel the true experience of the mountain on the 1600 n / c. Internal decoration is a blend of wood and stone, natural materials from the environment.

Upcoming Event

20. juli – 23. jula
20. juli u 18:30 do 23. jula u 22:00

Rajska Vrata
Olimpijska 41, Jahorina, 71423 Jahorina, Republica Srpska

Musical and theatrical ensemble from Belgrade composed of: Mirjana Stojanovic, a solo singer and actress of the theatre Terazije; Dragana Sudzuk, a guest actress of the theatre; Ivica Stojanovic, an arranger, sommelier; Milan Sudzuk, a musician.

The programme of the Evenings of Culture in the „Rajska vrata“ restaurant:

- *20-23 July:*

- Thursday, 20th July – CABARET OF WINES AND LOVE. Stories, songs and poems of wine and love with wine tasting of Stojanovic winery from Fruska Gora

- Friday, 21st July – IN A SECOND FASTER, A THIRD FOURTH QUIETER, AN OCTAVE CLOSER. Musical performance of popular opera, musical and film arias. With a few verses for us...

- Saturday, 22nd July – Russian poetry

- Sunday, 23rd July – Concert of ethno music band TEODULIJA from Belgrade

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Rajska vrata
Olimpijska 41, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Tel: +387 57 272 020
Fax +387 57 272 021


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